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Speciality coffee.



our coffee

Sourced from origin in El Salvador, Finca El Corozo is set at 1800 metres above sea level on the slopes of the Ilamatepec volcano. This is a honey processed coffee, meaning the skin and pulp are removed and it is then left to dry in it’s mucilage or honey layer. In the cup, there's tasting notes of milk chocolate, red apple + pecan.


Our food

Local, fresh and packed full of flavour. Whether creating our all day brunch menu or adding to our super-fresh grab and go range we always refer to these three core principles. We work with some of the best suppliers Wales has to offer including Alex Gooch Artisan Baker, The Chocolate Brownie Co. and Douglas Willis Butchers.



KIN meaning family and ILK, your kind represent the ethos and feel we aim to create on a daily basis. WE create design led spaces that have fantastic coffee, fresh; locally sourced food and a focus on community.

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